August 19th, 2005


From Loop to Faire and Back Again

(some thoughts jotted down upon returning from the Faire)

Grey sky in the Loop, grey sky at the Faire
The rain falling here also surely falls there
One pays me to be there, the other I pay
But gladly would I choose the latter today

I stand in the Loop at about 6 foot 2
My hair mostly brown, eyes hopefully blue
But standing, my friends – that’s a thing very rare
For I sit mostly 9 to 5 tied to my chair

My hair and my eyes? Of those colors be leery
When nobody sees them, color’s a theory
I’m feeling a kinship with that fabled tree
That falls in the forest that none hear or see

* * *

Yet well I remember a few days ago
When voices did ring and faces did glow
Fantasy in the flesh taking my hand
Filling my senses with visions unplanned

Nobles and royals parading in style
Cajoling the bashful ones out there to smile
Ladies in finery, catching my glance
Letting this churl think he might have a chance

Minstrels and jugglers, comics and fools
Swordsmen twice daily enacting their duels
Falcons and hawks overhead on display
Heedless of me as they pounce on their prey

Laborers vending their wares and their food
Still taking care not to sully the mood
They most of all have my honest respect
For that is a point many others neglect

Finally, sunlight begins to retreat
We’ve walked many miles, had too much to eat
It’s time to store memories, close to our hearts
To better recall as this vision departs

* * *

That day was not given by gods upon high
Did not come unbidden, like rain from the sky
Came not to our doors, delivered by hand
As an oversized check given by Ed McMahon

It came because friends and I followed a dream
Remembered our lives are not such as they seem
Remembered the world that I see from my chair
Extends at my will to the gates of the Faire