December 1st, 2005


You don't say . . . or maybe you do

I have a great affinity for sayings. Some are funny, some are profound, and some just sound good even if their logic and usefulness are in considerable doubt. This is one I heard many years ago. I was in the audience at a folk festival in Ann Arbor, MI when an ancient and corpulent Irishman took the stage. I wouldn’t know his name if I heard it and I remember almost nothing of what he sang, but at one point, he said something that became lodged in my brain. He said, “My stomach will never know that I am a poor man!”

I think he had it about right there. If you can achieve that, you’ve achieved a great deal. Somehow, it seems an appropriate sentiment as we enter into this Season of Excess Consumption.

Happy consuming! Wish me the same!
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    The Sun Won't Set - from A Little Night Music