December 23rd, 2005


It was only a couple months ago

AB and I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden in October. That's the official name -- Garden. Singular. But it's actually about two dozen different gardens covering 385 acres in Glencoe, Illinois, about 25 miles north of Chicago. If that sort of thing interests you, I heartily recommend that you check it out when you're in town. You can learn more at
AB brought along her camera and took dozens of photos. I've chosen a few here to give you an idea of what you're missing. You can see that the fall colors were just beginning to kick in that day. As I look at the Chicago sky today which, like the snow on the ground, ranges in color through various shades of gray, it is hard to believe that this trip was so recent. Ah well. The bright side is that soon I will be able to justify a spring trip to the Botanic Garden and see it all coming back to life!
I've put one photo here as a teaser. For the rest, just click the link below (note that a few of them even have captions).

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