January 1st, 2006


A bit of TnT fun

OK, let me tell you what you're about to see here. My friend Jessica Joy, aka normajeanebaker, who recently left the cast of Tony n' Tina's Wedding, devised a questionnaire for TnT cast members to fill out. My answers are shown below. If you'd like to see other folks' answers, check out Jessica Joy's journal yourself. She won't mind, really. I should note that some of these questions and answers will make little sense if you're not intimately familiar with the show, but I think there's enough good stuff here to make it worth posting.

The Tony n' Tina's Quiz
When were you in the show?October 02-date
How long were you in it?3 years and counting
Do any tours?1 day in Columbus, Indiana
What characters did you play?Fr. Mark and Vinnie
How late was Joe for your first meeting?half hour
What was your favorite character to play?Fr. Mark
How many people in the cast have you made out with - on and offstage?None -- I only make out with audience members
What's the funniest audience member memory you have?Drunk Texas blonde who thought she was at a real wedding!
Black Staff - punishment or no?No!
If there was real champagne poured in your toasting glass, would you drink it or tell the stage manager?Both!
Why is Pasquale such a douche?I blame his parents
What's your favorite "Joe is fucking crazy" memory?WATAIL (Will Answer That After I Leave)
Complete this sentence: "A good wife makes a ________"Mean martini
Who is Vinnie having an affair with?Rose
Jessica Joy is the laziest Black Staffer in history, true or false?Not even close - but you never knew Sal Covello
How was Kalihari?I'm sure it was better than Columbus, Indiana
What's your favorite tour memory?Talking dirty to the wife of the mayor of Columbus, Indiana
Remember Raymond? Describe.We didn't like him; he didn't like us, so I say we're even
How many drinks does it take to get Dana DeLorenzo drunk?No one knows the answer, because we'd have to get her sober first
Name two characters that Marisa has played that aren't Loretta or Connie.Sally and Grandma Nunzio
Where do the lines start at dinner?At the center with the sausage
What's your favorite part of the show, not including anything you do?Sweet Home Chicago
OK, what's your favorite part of your personal show?Table work while drunk
Wells or Corcorans?n/a
What's your favorite Matt Bonaccorso catch phrase?n/a
What character do you wish you could play?Barry
Do you think Tony and Tina will end up divorced?No. I think Tina will insist on an annullment
Do an impression of Janice."You must think I'm a total fuckhead!"
What's your favorite flavor of Mildred's Starburst?n/a

Setting the record straight
A few cast members have taken me to task for my comment above that I only make out with audience members. All right, all right . . . Vinnie sometimes makes out with Aunt Rose at the end of the show (it's really fun if Loretta catches them in the act, though that rarely happens), and if there's no Dominic, Father Mark grabs Sister Terry and kisses her at a certain moment. There. I hope everyone's happy now that I've set the record straight.
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