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February 6th, 2006


Who really gives a shirt for the Super Bowl?

Posted on 2006.02.06 at 00:50
Current Mood: Cheery
My brother Dan and his wife Nancy, that’s who. They live in a near suburb of Detroit and they sent me a very stylish t-shirt commemorating today’s Super Bowl, which is being played in downtown Detroit as I type this. Don’t worry; I’m not missing any of the game. It’s on the TV screen about ten feet away and I haven’t missed a play, so please forgive my slow typing.

I really wanted to show you what the shirt looks like, but I’ve been unable to find a photo of a similar shirt on the Internet, and I don’t currently own a digital camera (that works anyway), so I’m going to try to show you by example. Consider the following shirt, which I found for sale on E-bay:

OK, now imagine something WAY cooler than that lame waste of cotton and ink; a Pittsburgh Steeler helmet crashing into a Seattle Seahawks helmet amidst a shower of sparks on a dramatic black background. Hmm . . . my words are not doing it justice. Trust me. It’s the best. Thanks Dan and Nancy! I’m wearing it right now and watching the game in style!

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