March 8th, 2006


Just a few notes on the Oscars . . .

. . . and I do mean just a few, since I saw only a few of the nominated films. I wanted to pass along my two favorite quotes from the ceremony:

1) The woman who won for Best Documentary Short (I don’t have her name) said this in her acceptance speech: “I’d like to thank the academy for seating me next to George Clooney at the nomination luncheon.” No disrespect to Bruce Villanch, but I don’t think he could have written that one!

2) Accepting the Best Picture Oscar for Crash, Paul Haggis quoted Berthold Brecht: “Art is not a mirror to hold up to society but a hammer with which to shape it.” I’ve never heard the quote before, but I found it quite striking (no pun intended). I’m not here to state that I agree or disagree with it, but it is an audacious, passionate, and intriguing statement, and on that basis, I find it quite memorable and worthy of further consideration.
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