May 17th, 2006


She belongs here

I had a friend named Kathy. She died on the 4th of July three years ago. I want to talk about her for several reasons. First of all, her birthday was just a few days ago, on May 14, and I always used to send her a card. Second, and more importantly, there are various people who know me primarily or exclusively through this journal, and I think that if I want to have any hope of communicating some sense of who I am through this medium, I must include my relationship with Kathy in the discussion. The third reason is more therapeutic – I’ve outlined my relationship with Kathy to a handful of close friends since her death, but I really haven’t spoken in any meaningful way with any of mine and Kathy’s mutual friends, most of whom are in either Michigan or California. Believe me, I’ll understand if this post is more of a subterranean emotional slog than you want to know about, so if that’s the case, feel free to keep walking! Otherwise –
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