May 25th, 2006


Hiya Doll

We begin with an excerpt from today’s newswire:

Hasbro Shelves Plans for Pussycat Dolls
PAWTUCKET, RI (AP) – Hasbro Inc. shelved plans Wednesday to release a line of dolls based on the Pussycat Dolls, an all-female music group known for risqué lyrics and skimpy outfits . . .

Now I’m going to show you two photographs which will be followed by a very difficult question, so pay close attention. Here are the photos:

Here’s the question: Which of these is the dolls, and which is the actual performers? You don’t need to send me an answer. The fact is, I don’t know the answer. I mean, this could be two copies of the same picture, right?

OK, seriously now, WTF is going on here. Hey, I support a parent’s right to audit and control what their children are exposed to, but considering the images that a casual channel surf will garner you, how did these dolls get chosen for suppression? I can only conclude that some special interest group scared Hasbro into backing off. As for those dolls, you can walk into most any large toy store and find things at least that racy that appear to be in no danger of being taken off the market. It’s an absurdly crooked line being walked out there. I know this is pretty light news compared to global warming, Iraq, and Brangelina, but someone has to report on this stuff, and I guess today it’s me!
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