January 4th, 2007


Here comes trouble!

We’re getting a new cat on Saturday! After some months of observation and consideration, CC and I have concluded that Bun-Butt would be happier with some feline companionship. We took a trip yesterday to PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) and we picked out the creature you see pictured here. That photo actually came from the PAWS web site, since I am still without a camera. He is a medium-sized tabby who is overall a short-hair, though his tail is a most impressive plume.

I have visited PAWS on many occasions during walks through the Lincoln Park neighborhood. If you’re a cat lover, it is not to be missed. Most of the cats are not in cages, so you are in a room with as many as 30 cats all about you; some lounging, some eating, some playing, some pooping, and some at various levels of the muti-tiered kitty condos found there. The number in attendance yesterday wasn’t quite that high, but there were still plenty to choose from. A cat lover such as myself approaches sensory overload in such an environment!

Because Bun-Butt has seemed rather touchy about other cats in the past, we’re taking this new one on a 2-week trial basis. By the way, this fellow’s name at PAWS is Tigger, but if he’s going to stay, I think that will have to change; it’s just a bit too mundane and common for my taste. I’ll keep you posted!
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