February 13th, 2007


You Really Auto Go!

I went to the auto show on Sunday and had a great time! I want to start by getting this shot on the record:

The reason for the Chrysler logo is that this was an official Auto Show photo taken by official Auto Show personnel and posted on their web site. Gosh, I’m so honored! More about that later.

Growing up in Detroit, I attended the auto show various times, both as a child and as an adult (depending upon my mood), but I hadn’t gone in about 20 years before Sunday. It was a very different experience this time around, which served as a reminder that, for better or worse, I am continuing to evolve. If you check out my photos here, you’ll note the near absence of captions. Mind you, I love writing photo captions, but there’s just not much call for them here. For me, the show was about shapes, lines, silhouettes, colors, and the emotions thereby generated. Of course, an important element of that was also the context of high tech plus craftsmanship plus aesthetics plus carefully orchestrated marketing plus a few thousand fellow attendees speaking a variety of languages. It’s a pretty potent brew in which to find oneself immersed. Indeed, the whole experience can leave the senses in a sort of drunkenness of overstimulation – at least, if one is paying attention.

For the benefit of those on dial-up, I have discreetly cut these photos so that you don’t have to wait for them to load if auto shows aren’t your cup of 10-W-40.
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