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April 20th, 2007


Pucker up, Rory!

Posted on 2007.04.20 at 01:54
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Current Music: Lover's Lullaby - Janis Ian
Yes, the signs in a certain part of the far southwest Loop tell us that the movie, Rory’s First Kiss will be filming here in town next week. Uh, no. It’s actually a far more well known franchise than the “Rory” franchise, but they’re referring to it by an assumed name to keep the crowds away. Here’s your first clue: The photo below shows a building that’s been mocked up for the shoot.

You might naturally assume that this sign is part of a marketing campaign for the National Ham Advisory Board, borrowing a page from the “Got Milk?” campaign. But no, it’s one word: “Gotham.” As in “Gotham City.” As in Batman, fer cryin’ out loud! Yeah, those Rory’s First Kiss signs really did the trick! Did they think no one would notice that this big building a block from Union Station surrounded by giant lighting cranes had been renamed “Gotham National Bank” in huge letters? I heard about it from a coworker yesterday and went out today, camera in hand, to document the matter.

I rarely bring my camera to work, so I took a stroll around the Loop during my dinner break and photographed some favorite scenes near the office.
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