May 15th, 2007


Fields of Dreams

Marshall Fields Department Store went away months ago, really it did. They tell me it’s now called Macy’s. You might not know it to walk by Fields’ former flagship store on State Street, though. I snapped this picture just a few days ago:

All right, I can appreciate that taking out a big ol’ cornerstone like that one is a big job, but come on guys! This is just getting tacky! It’s as if the military coup has taken place, El Presidente has been deposed, but the new ruler just can’t bring himself to take the former ruler’s name off the throne room door. The king is dead, guys! Shovel some dirt on him already!

It also strikes me as bad politics on Macy’s part. Like it or not, they came in and did what they did, and they’ve been trying to make friends in the community ever since (with varying degrees of success). They were pretty firm about the notion that they were going to change the name of the place to Macy’s, and so they did. So do it, guys! If you’re gonna be Macy’s, be friggin’ Macy’s! You can’t have your Frangos* and eat ’em too!

* Chicago reference. If you’re from out of town, Google “Frango Mints” and you’ll understand.
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