May 26th, 2007


This ain’t your Mom & Dad’s Pink Floyd

“. . . but one selection really caught my ear. It was a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” sung by what sounded like two men in high falsetto, backed by keyboards and electronic rhythm, all to the same throbbing disco beat. My brain never quite caught up with that one.”

That was me a couple of postings ago, talking about some of the music played during the fashion show I recently attended. Turns out I have an occasional visitor to this journal I didn’t know about. That would be JG, with whom I’ve worked at my day job for almost 15 years now. In fact, she was one of the first people I met there. She sent me an email today, telling me she was pretty sure she knew what recording I was referring to. She helpfully attached an mp3 of the song to the email. Sure enough, that was it!

The band is called the Scissor Sisters. If you’d like to see their web site, you can click here. Photos on the web site indicate that the band consists of one woman and four or five men, though the one woman would appear to be the most prominent member of the group. So much for my “two men in high falsetto” assessment!

I’ve already shared the song with a Pink Floyd fanatic of my acquaintance. After all, I can’t recall another instance of someone else covering any Floyd song, much less taking it in such a divergent stylistic direction. Thank you JG!
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