June 8th, 2007


The Other Cassidy . . .

. . . That would have to be Shaun, of course. Big brother David is probably more well known, having been the heartthrob star of The Partridge Family TV series, but Shaun did all right for himself. I mentioned him last week at my day job, and I even remembered the title of his 1977 album, Born Late. This garnered the attention of coworker Sue, who brought in this photo of herself from long ago. She had somehow come up with a stand-up sign of a life-sized Shaun hawking that very album, so she posed with him, holding her own genuine copy.

I should add that I never owned any of Mr. Cassidy’s recordings myself, but my younger sister was quite the fan of his at the time, so I hope she’ll peek in on this journal and have a smile at this!
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