August 30th, 2007


New Toy

I left for work a little early this morning, so that I could stop at a local Best Buy and purchase a new camera. I have it in front of me right now – an adorable little Canon PowerShot A570 IS. It set me back roughly $200, but I’m happy to once again have a reliable camera at my disposal.

I took a couple of shots while I was on my dinner break, just to make sure the thing worked. I employed no special techniques for these – I just set the camera to “Auto” and started clicking, so I’m sure it’s capable of far better than these, but so far, so good!

These plants are by my desk at work. While I’ve never been what anyone would call an avid gardener, these plants are an exception. They originally belonged to Chris T., the woman who hired me at my present job 15 years ago. Chris passed away a little over a year ago. On her last visit to the office, she brought this pot of plants by my desk and asked me to look after them, since she had a fair notion that she would not be returning. I’ve been tending them ever since, and I must say they’ve grown quite a bit. In fact, they probably will need repotting in the not-too-distant future.

This is the Inland Steel Building. There is a wonderful anecdote associated with the design of this structure. First of all, when this was built in the early 50s, it was the first substantial building to go up in the Loop since before the Great Depression. That’s right – the Chicago skyline did not change for a quarter of a century! But my favorite story concerns the building’s exterior design. The architect came up with the bright idea of cladding the exterior in stainless steel, since it was, after all, going to be the headquarters for a steel company. The funny thing is, that while Inland made a wide variety of different types of steel, they never in their history made stainless steel. So in order to complete their own building, Inland had to buy many tons of stainless steel from another steel company!
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