September 16th, 2007


Grand Old Game

The original plan for Saturday night was that I was going to rehearse a scene with someone. Well (long story), that fell through on fairly short notice, so it was time to make a new plan. CC and I ended up taking in tonight’s baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and the Los Angeles Angels.

There were several points of interest to this evening’s contest. It was my first trip to U.S. Cellular Field this season. As you may be aware, the Sox have had a dreadful season and have been out of the race for a few months now, yet here you can see that the place was nearly full with barely two weeks to go in a lost season. A big reason for the high attendance was this man:

Number 25 there is Jim Thome of the White Sox. In his long career, he has hit exactly 499 home runs. In the century+ that the major leagues have existed, only 20 people have hit 500 or more home runs, so Thome’s next dinger will be A Pretty Big Deal. In fact, you may notice that someone in the stands here is holding a sign reading “Thome 500.” Every time Big Jim came up to bat tonight, the crowd rose to its feet and remained there throughout his plate appearance. Alas, tonight was not to be the magical night, so Jim is at 499 and holding. Perhaps he will do it on Sunday, which will be Jim Thome Bobblehead Day at U.S. Cellular Field (woo-hoo!).

The other point of interest tonight, for me anyway, was that it was my first experience with using my new camera at the extremes of its zoom capabilities. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve seen so far, considering that I can read the name “Thome” on his uniform back even though I was sitting at almost the back of the lower deck outside first base. That first photo, by the way, was purposely shot without zooming at all because I wanted to show how full the stands were.

Oh, and if it matters, the Angels won by a score of 2-1, but that’s really okay – we had a fun time and saw a very entertaining fireworks show right after the game. I would have tried taking pictures of that as well but, don’tcha know – my batteries ran out of juice and I hadn’t brought along spares. When will I learn?
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The Planes! The Planes!

It’s been a while since I’ve taken AOL news to task, but nothing gets me going quite like egregious grammatical errors. Hey, I’m not perfect; I’m sure many an English professor would despair of some of what I pass off in this journal. BUT – we’re not talking about me. We’re talking about (presumably) professional writers whose work is seen by millions. Here is today’s example:

Forget about the headline; I don’t give a toss about O.J., and the headline isn’t the problem anyway. It’s that last line that peeves me: “Planes Crashes in Thailand.” Geez! I mean, it would be bad enough to find that phrase in the body of an article, but screwing up a 4-word article title? Pathetic!

For the record a plane (that is, one plane) did indeed crash in Thailand, killing nearly a hundred people. Also, I checked AOL a few minutes ago and found that they had changed the word “Planes” to “Plane.”
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