October 30th, 2007

Bratwurst, Rose

Acting Lessons Are Where You Find Them

A friend of mine, in honor of this being Halloween week, was carrying a purse today that had orange and purple cat images woven into the fabric. A coworker of hers took one look at it and gushed, quite ingenuously, “Oh! I remember when those were in style!” After a beat, my friend laughed uproariously, though the other woman had no idea what was so funny.

There are two reasons I bring up this story: One, it’s just plain funny. Two, it’s an interesting acting lesson if you look at it a certain way. Consider: if you were given this line in a script, you would have some serious choices to make as an actor. It could be done quite snidely; nastily even – with full intent to demean and insult. In this case, of course, the person speaking it was utterly clueless as to the implicit criticism of my friend’s taste and fashion sense, which is of course what makes it so darned funny!
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