November 12th, 2007


Tony n’ Tina – The Movie!

Yes, it’s true – a feature film has been made from Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. Let me begin by pointing out that the producers of the Chicago production of TnT had absolutely nothing to do with it, although they do produce films. We heard about this at the show over two years ago. The rumor was that it had been shown at a few film festivals and had failed to impress anyone favorably. Nevertheless, it has apparently been taken out of cold storage and is about to be released, and I’m here to alert/warn any interested parties.

Ex-cast member Bryn posted a link to this video on his MySpace page (thank you Bryn!), so I’m passing it along here. It’s the actual trailer for the movie:

Allow me to toss in a few opinions here, particularly for those of you unable to view this video: This is one crappy movie trailer! I mean, you can make a lousy movie look halfway decent in a cleverly edited trailer. At the very least, you figure that some of the movie’s best laughs will be given away there, to try and pull people in the door. This trailer, though, has no laughs in it. It has, at best, a few smiles, but even those are based on comedic concepts that were already played out when bellbottoms were still in fashion. The voiceover is lackluster at best; amateurish at worst. I must also point out, with no small amount of personal pride, that absolutely NO lines heard in this trailer are contained in the live production that I appeared in over 1,300 times!

Having said all of that, you’ve got to know that I will be there if and when this film plays in Chicago! How could I not?
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