December 28th, 2007


Wildlife Photography in the Field

Every so often, CC determines that it is time to clean the gerbil cages. Today was such a day. While the cages are being cleaned, one of the gerbils is put into the plastic ball you see here and is allowed to roll around the apartment. This puts Cy (also seen here) into quite the tizzy. You see, the thought that he might one day kill these gerbils is one of the great sustaining passions in Cy’s life. The gerbils are utterly oblivious to his dark intent and consider him a friend. This dynamic is an ongoing comic soap opera in our otherwise mundane lives.

The photo you see here was difficult to capture for several reasons. GerbilAnn (yes, that’s her name; the other one is her sister GerbilLee) rarely stops moving in the ball long enough for one to compose a shot. Cy likewise is constantly shifting around, looking for the opening that has never yet come. Also, I can’t be too near or Cy will back off entirely, so this shot had to be taken from across the room at the extreme limit of my camera’s zooming capability. I had to fire off quite a few shots to get this one, and I had to do some post-production with the JPEG file to get it looking this good. So this pic may not win any awards for photographic excellence, but I was happy to be able to document a moment in Cy’s quest of eternal, bloodthirsty optimism.
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