March 4th, 2008

Florida, Baseball

Florida on $1,000 a day – Part I

OK, I didn’t spend that much there, but it sure feels like I did. I’ll be eating margarine sandwiches for lunch and no-brand corn flakes for dinner and rinsing out my clothes and dishes in the Chicago River for a while now to make up for it, but I have no complaints. I left last Wednesday night and got back this morning (Tuesday), so it was a very full week. So full, in fact, that I’m not even going to try to fit it all into one posting. Today, I just want to talk about Epcot.

No, that is not a cool golf ball; that is Spaceship Earth. It is a geodesic sphere about 18 stories high (thank you, Wikipedia) and is the single most iconic symbol of Epcot. There is a ride inside of it that traces the history of human communication. The ride is awesome. There; I wanted to get that word out of the way up front, because lots of stuff at Epcot is awesome.

This is going to get pretty photo-intensive, so . . .

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