March 6th, 2008

Florida, Baseball

Florida on $1,000 a day – Part II

Another day, another picture of a globe! On day 2, we visited Universal Studios Florida. There was apparently some actual filming for an actual movie going on while we were there, so they can legitimately claim that you’re visiting a working film studio. But really folks, this is a theme park through and through. Not that I’m criticizing – I had a total blast. There are a lot of delightful, wonderfully realized rides and exhibitions there, mostly based on specific movies or genres.

I also want to mention that I made a decision to pay the extra $21 per ticket to get the Express Pass, and it turned out to be money well spent. This pass allowed us to bypass the long lines on most rides and proceed to the MUCH shorter Express Pass lines. We certainly wouldn’t have had time to see all that we did if we hadn’t gotten those. And, as one observant person pointed out, this also made us feel better about the rides that were kind of lame (e.g., the ET ride), because we hadn’t invested a half hour of our time waiting in line for them. Now of course, we were there in late February when crowds are small, but if you’re going there in the summer, do yourself a favor – crowbar that wallet of yours open and spend the money to get the Express Pass!

Once again, lots of photos, so . . .

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WhoseSpace Is It Anyway?

Recent events compel me to take a break from tales and images of Florida in order to offer the following important information for anyone with a MySpace account:

Today I received a comment on MySpace apparently from a friend of mine, telling me that:

“hey there.there's someone posted something really suck about you in a blog, you got to check that, link here…”

– followed by a link. When I clicked that link, I was taken to what looked like a MySpace log-in screen. But before doing anything, I realized that I was already logged in, so it didn’t make sense that I was being asked to do so again. Then I looked up at the URL. It indicated that I was at a web site called “” Note the 2 letter c’s in that URL. Yeah, it’s a fake website, presumably designed to snare one’s log-in info. I called up my friend who had apparently sent me the comment. Sure enough, she had no idea what I was talking about – she hadn’t sent it. But she HAD been sent the same message and had gone ahead and logged in, which apparently then allowed the host to use her account to send out messages to everyone on her friends list. She has since changed her MySpace password, and I feel like I’ve dodged a cyber-bullet. So look out for this. You have been warned!
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