April 10th, 2008

Red Wings1

The Puck Is In The Net and On The Net

NHL playoff season started tonight. It’s a great time of year to be a fan, particularly if your team is in the playoffs. Mine is – the Detroit Red Wings will play the Nashville Predators in round 1, beginning Thursday night. The Red Wings in recent years have developed the disconcerting habit of having the best record in the league during the regular season but making an early exit from the playoffs. Still, I will follow them and keep my hopes up. There are 7 other series going on for round 1, so it is really cool that NBC has decided to televise game 2 of the Detroit-Nashville series on Saturday afternoon. Though come to think of it, I will be in Detroit this weekend, so that won’t be an issue.

I am hard-put to name my favorite sport. There are things I love about football and baseball and college basketball, and it seems impossible to put them all on one linear scale and say which one is the winner. But if it’s a question of which is my favorite sport to watch in person, at the arena, then the answer is easy – hockey! Heck, I even enjoy listening to it on the radio. In that regard, I have become a regular visitor to nhl.com. Unlike the other major sports, which mostly sell radio or TV broadcasts in season-long packages, one can pick up the live radio feed for any NHL game through their web site, free of charge. This has enabled me to listen to quite a few Red Wing and Blackhawk games this season while I was at work, and I expect to make liberal use of this capability during the playoffs as well. In fact, I listened tonight to the entire Pittsburgh-Ottawa playoff game through nhl.com.

In addition to live game feeds, nhl.com has also recently expanded its on-line content to include podcasts, highlight shows, and a daily video talk show about the latest NHL news. So if you’re not getting all the hockey you need to maintain a balanced lifestyle, check out nhl.com!
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