April 24th, 2008


MAY have mental problems?

I picked up this item from the news wire. Up until shortly before I moved to Chicago, I lived mere blocks from where this occurred. Some people think Detroit has really gone downhill in recent years, but frankly, this sounds pretty much like the neighborhood I remember…

DETROIT – An elderly woman lived for a year with her mummified sister in a home on Detroit’s east side, police said.
Authorities made the discovery Wednesday after neighbors expressed worries over not seeing the sisters in some time. Investigators found the dead woman sitting in a chair inside the house on Buffalo Street near Seven Mile and Mound roads, police said. Police said the dead woman had been there for at least a year and that her corpse had mummified.
The surviving sister may have mental problems, police said, and she is receiving treatment while the investigation continues.

I don’t know what the woman was like before her sister died, but yeah, living with a corpse for a year could give you mental problems.
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