May 10th, 2008

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One From the Vaults

A Catholic coworker of mine has been much taken up of late with the First Holy Communion of her daughter. Oh, the preparations she has been detailing to us! Clothing, party invitations, cake baking, and assorted crises of schedule- and people-management. Maybe I was lucky to come from such a large family – with another First Communion every year, we couldn’t afford to fuss too much over any one of them, so logistical nightmares were kept to a minimum. Not that my coworker is complaining – as the mother of merely three, she’s been pretty excited about it all.

So a few days ago, she brought in some old photos from her own First Communion. We all had a good laugh over it, and I thought, in the spirit of fair play, that I should share photos from my own First Communion. Well, I know they exist, but it would seem they are mostly back at my dad’s place in Michigan. All I have from that day is a grainy group photo from our weekly church bulletin in which I may be seen, staring blankly from the back row. Note that I spent most of my childhood standing or sitting in various back rows, owing to the fact that I was always the tallest one in my class until junior high.

I decided there was no point in trying to scan that church bulletin photo, but along the way, I came across a fairly amusing photo of myself from 5th grade. While my normal school wear would have consisted of a light blue shirt and dark blue tie, we were given a dispensation from wearing our uniforms on School Photo Day.
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