July 7th, 2008


Decent Exposure

While the potential audience of this humble journal is gi-freaking-normous, its actual audience is quite modest. Nevertheless, I want to spread the word as best I can…

To all you photographers out there, whether you’re a budding Ansel Adams or a clicker of drugstore disposable cameras, there is a new LiveJournal community devoted to the discussion of all things photographic. Here’s an excerpt from its mission statement:

“This is a community designed for photographers of ALL skill levels to come and compare notes on a wide variety of subjects related to photography: photo processing computer programs, how-to's of digital photography, photo sharing and stock sites, reviews and comparison of equipment, how-to's on photography in general, a place to ask for photography-related advice, etc.”

If you want to find out more, the community is called beyondpictures. It was launched scarcely a week ago by meryddian. While she is a very talented and knowledgeable photographer, the intent of the community is not merely to give her a soapbox, but rather to foster the sharing of knowledge between any interested parties. There are only a few postings on it at present, but this has the potential to become a useful resource for photographers of all kinds.
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