July 27th, 2008


Now It Can Be Told!

You may recall my post of July 6th, titled “This is a Trailer Park?” in which I wrote about Woodhaven Lakes Private Recreational Camping Resort in Sublette, Illinois. I spoke vaguely of a friend who was trying to purchase a lot and unit there. I also ran a photo I’d taken of the place she was bidding on. Well, that person was none other than my esteemed roommate CC, and she closed the deal on Friday!

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CC grew up outside of Saginaw, Michigan and has always had a working relationship with big cities and tolerance for them, but no great affection for them. A place like this is a dream come true for her, giving her a quiet retreat from Chicago. While she has made it clear that I’m welcome out there whenever I’d like, my life and pursuits are much more big city-oriented, so it remains to be seen how often I’ll be able to make it out there. Having spent one night at Woodhaven Lakes in early July, I can attest to the beauty and calmness of the place, so I hope I’ll be able to make it out there soon. Heck, the Mendota Corn Festival is coming up in a few weeks, only about 10 miles from CC’s place, so this would be a chance to kill two birds with one stone!

It is quite common for residents at Woodhaven Lakes to name their property, and CC is no exception. She is already at work designing a nice wooden sign to hang out front. It will be decorated with turreted castles and elegant lettering displaying the name she has chosen: Carmelot! Congrats to CC on this momentous acquisition!
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