August 7th, 2008


You can’t make a baseball without stitches

I tagged along with CC tonight to attend Stitch N’ Pitch 2008. This was an event put together by the friendly folks at Loopy Yarns. So why would I – someone who has never knitted, crocheted, or even sewn – want to attend such an event? Well y’see… the event was an outing to US Cellular Field to watch the Chicago White Sox take on the Detroit Tigers, so the choice wasn’t too difficult.

A few of my coworkers, knowing that I grew up in Detroit, wondered which team I would be rooting for. I answered that I would simply root for whoever was ahead in the game. In this way, I was assured of being happy at the outcome. As it turned out, the White Sox took a first inning lead on a 3-run homer off the bat of Jim Thome and cruised to a 5-1 victory. But there was much more than baseball going on there…
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