November 24th, 2008


Time Off

This entry may be the last you’ll hear from me this week. I’m getting ready to get on the Amtrak to Michigan and spend a few days with family for Thanksgiving. I hope all of you have a good place to be that day and plenty to be thankful for. I will leave you with this tiny observation, made while I was riding the #152 bus this afternoon:

The Popeye’s Chicken at Addison & Western carries this message on its marquee: “OPEN UNTIL MIDNITE OR LATER EVERY DAY.” I’m going to let the non-standard spelling of “midnight” go, but the first thing I thought was this – How can you get later in the day than midnight? I mean, if it’s past midnight, it isn’t later in the day; it’s the next day! I know this is very minor compared to the larger issues confronting America, e.g., how Angelina stole Brad from Jennifer, or the weekend grosses for Twilight and Bolt, but if I don’t put the spotlight on such matters, who will?
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    After Midnight - Eric Clapton