December 28th, 2008


Oldies Album

I came across something today that I’d completely forgotten about. To be honest, I’d mislaid it shortly after it was given to me some years back, but I found it while throwing stuff away. It’s a modest album of photos, assembled and given to me by my mother. The photos all feature yours truly, and I’ve picked two choice examples to share here:

That’s me looking at the camera with big sister Beverly. The occasion is Christmas morning mere weeks before my second birthday.

That’s me in the cream-and-brown polyester suit (no, that’s not me in the yellow dress; that’s Rosemary DiRita). The occasion was sister E’s wedding in July, 1982. I thought this photo might be of interest and value to the fashion historians among you. I apologize for the poor image quality here; I worked on it post-scan to improve its appearance, but I’m afraid I still look as if I’m sporting a black eye.
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