January 7th, 2009

Red Wings1

Photographic Evidence

The photo at right probably looks a little odd (and not just because it’s a picture of me), but I was delighted when sister-in-law T sent it to me last week. It’s a piece of photographic evidence of which I was unaware.

The year was 1994. Brother F and sister-in-law T came to Chicago for a visit. Since all three of us are hockey fans, we had to attend a Black Hawks game, particularly since we knew this was to be the last season for Chicago Stadium, which was about to be replaced by the United Center just across the street. Then, as now, the good seats went fast and we were left with what was available. This photo shows me in my seat for the game, with my knees flush against a concrete pillar wider than me(!).

F&T were sitting in the two seats to my left, and even though they did not have pillars directly in front of them, my seat was, in a way, better than theirs. You see, from their seats, any view of the far goal was completely blocked by the pillar. From my seat, most of the rink was obscured – but I could see both goals. All of this for a mere $38 a seat!

I’ve been to several hockey games and various other events at the United Center. It’s very nice, very comfortable, with generally terrific sightlines. But to my knowledge, it offers no views comparable to the seat shown here. Thank you T for passing it along!
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