February 18th, 2009


Snapshot of a New Magazine

Today, I bought the premiere issue of a new magazine. It’s called Color – subtitled For Collectors of Fine Photography. It is beautiful. The printing is exceptional – very fine resolution, vivid colors, high-quality production all around. The photos are presented in a couple different contexts in this issue. Some of the articles focus on specific color photographers of the present or past, while the first feature tells the story of early color photography. That article includes a reproduction of James Clerk Maxwell’s first color photograph, taken in 1861, as well as various other early examples, all rendered in the same wonderful color and detail I mentioned earlier. Fascinating history! And after viewing the wide range of photographic styles and artworks produced therein by various gifted photographers, I feel as if my eyes are positively drunk from the experience.

My original intention was to include a reproduction of the magazine’s cover, but I have been unable to find a web site for the magazine. In the course of my search, I did discover a magazine produced by Benetton called Colors. I also found another magazine also called Color that appears to deal more with African-American concerns than with photography. Upon reflection, perhaps it’s just as well that they have no apparent web site. If they did, one might be tempted to look at sample photos online. I don’t recommend it, though. This magazine serves as a reminder of what we are losing as print media are replaced by online media. Until computer display technology takes another couple big steps forward (which I’m sure it will in time), there is simply no substitute for seeing an actual printed copy of a magazine such as this. Better still would be to see the actual photographic prints, but I don’t have a solution for that problem. In the meantime, if you’re any sort of photography aficionado, do yourself a favor and find a copy of Color.

P.S. I found my copy at Border's.
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