March 17th, 2009


I used to be Irish

One of the unique pleasures of my acting career was performing in a show titled The Twisting of the Rope. I don’t recall who wrote the script, but it was loosely based on a short story of the same name by William Butler Yeats. Today seems like an appropriate day to talk about it.

The production only ran for a couple weekends in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and we had next to nothing in the way of a budget. I suppose I could regale you with the tale of how I almost got laid by a stunning redhead during the run – but I’ll save that tale for another time, and maybe another drink. The story I will relate is arguably the better story anyway.

I played the lead role of Hanrahan, a charismatic rogue from a small Irish village. Here’s the best part – he was undisputedly the finest dancer in all Ireland. More than once during the show, it was my task to place my hands on my hips, smile broadly, and proudly declare to all present that I was indeed, “the finest dancer in all Ireland!”

Anyone in the show or attending it who had ever seen me dance found this line to be an inspired moment of comedy, and you’d better believe I played it for all it was worth. I am happy to report that Hanrahan was never required to demonstrate his incomparable prowess on the dance floor; his expertise was accepted without dissent. The only comment other characters made about it was to agree that Hanrahan was speaking the truth.

So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, may all of your blarney be accepted without question today!
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