April 6th, 2009


Michigan (Avenue) Apples

If you’re any sort of a computer buff or electronic gadget buff, you really ought to check out your nearest Apple Store. The one seen above is on Michigan Avenue in the heart of the Mag Mile, but there are over 200 of them in the U.S., so there’s probably one near you! If the other locations are anything like this one, you can walk up to any of the dozens of floor model computers and simply begin using them unsupervised. There are also dozens of iPods, iPhones, and assorted peripherals within reach as well.
I walked in there on a recent Saturday afternoon and purchased a MacBook like the one seen here. It was utter bedlam when I walked in – located where it is, this store gets crazy foot traffic on Saturdays. I almost turned and walked right back out, despairing of being able to find a salesman and discuss all the details of what I needed to buy. But then I thought to check whether Noah, one my old TnT friends, was still working there. He was! When I found him, he was fixing someone’s iPhone. But he took a moment to hook me up with Kelly, who hooked me up with a salesman named Odell, and I was in business. As an aside, Kelly really ought to have introduced me to him by saying, “You’re getting Odell, dude!”

My venerable eMac still works, but I decided to replace it before it blows up, so that we might have an orderly transfer of power and files. It’s getting to the point where there is a growing list of little things I can’t do on the eMac anyway, so it’s nice to have a new computer with no such issues. I won’t detail all of that here, but the two biggest changes are that the MacBook has WiFi, and it’s portable. This is my first non-desktop computer, and I’m looking forward to the added mobility.

Finally, here’s the absolute best moment from my visit to the Apple Store: I was speaking to another salesman (who shall remain nameless) about needing to obtain Photoshop. He waved his arm toward the software racks and said, “Yeah, we have it over there, but I don’t know why you’d want to buy it here – you can get it a lot cheaper online!” Apple management might not be thrilled to know he did that, but from my perspective as a customer, that kind of honesty helps to insure that I’ll come back there when I need something!
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