April 13th, 2009


King of Comedy?

I apologize for not having the link to this, but it will only take a moment to explain. A few days ago, there was a list somewhere on the CNN web site of the Top Ten Jesus movies. One of the selections was the 1961 version of King of Kings. It starred Jeffrey Hunter as Jesus. Yes, the same Jeffrey Hunter who, a few years later, portrayed Capt. Christopher Pike in the original pilot for the series Star Trek. Anyway, the write-up for the movie contained a pithy and inspired one-liner that I want to quote.

Apparently, this movie was noted at the time of its release for being the first biblical epic film to prominently feature adherents of the “Method” school of acting. For this reason, it was referred to in some circles as Suddenly, Last Supper. Man, that’s good! I wish I’d said it. Oh… I guess I just did!

P.S. The reference above might be a little obscure for my non-theatrically inclined friends. It’s a pun on the Tennessee Williams play, Suddenly, Last Summer, an intense psychological drama made into a film a few years earlier.
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