August 2nd, 2009


Survey Says…

So many of my friends have lately been posting their personal results from such on-line quizzes as “Which Chicago Blackhawks Player Are You?” and “Which Sexy Cartoon Female Are You?” (btw, mine came up as Margaret from “Dennis the Menace”). Feeling more than a little left out, I decided to fill out one of these quizzes and post my own results:

Which Element From the Periodic Table Are You?
You are Cadmium!
Though in many ways a boon to mankind, you are toxic even in minuscule doses. You occur in 8 natural isotopes, of which 2 are radioactive. You are malleable, ductile, and similar to Zinc in many respects. If your atomic number were just one less, you would be the ever-popular Silver instead of obscure, taken-for-granted Cadmium, but you have reconciled yourself to your natural identity rather than wishing for an alchemist to change your nature.

Turn-ons: Sodium, Iridium, and Cobalt people.
Turn-offs: Hafnium, Argon, and Magnesium people.
Ideal partner: Any of the stable isotopes of Xenon, excluding those predicted to undergo double beta decay.
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