November 10th, 2009


Needy Indeedy!

Much of the time, our two cats seem to need us quite a bit. At times, they’ll even follow us around (Puck following CC and Cy following me), though it’s hard to tell whether they’re doing so simply to be with us or because they think they can stop us from leaving. Still, the wheel can suddenly turn as our cats may suddenly be seized with the apparent urge to demonstrate their independence from us. Such a moment occurred the other night. Puck, who normally spends a good deal of his nights at the foot of CC’s bed, was a no-show in her room. At the same time, Cy, who likewise is typically found by my feet or off to my left, was nowhere to be seen/heard/felt. As I was preparing to leave for work the following morning, I spied the two of them out on the sun porch, behaving in a chummy manner that we don’t often see. Here is the photographic evidence (Cy in the front, Puck in the back):
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