January 2nd, 2010


One More Time

On New Year’s Eve, Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding closed. Again. Yeah, I know they closed back in July, and as you may recall, I was on hand then to watch the show, take a bunch of photos, and post them in this journal (you can flip back to my entry of July 19th if you want to see the entry). This time, management claims they really mean it.

So have we seen the last of this company of wayward Italians? Well, yes and no. There; I’m glad I’ve had a chance to clear up that question for you.

OK, here’s the scoop: They reopened the show in November, just to run it through the holidays. That deadline was hardly arbitrary; it was chosen for 2 important reasons: 1) Business falls off substantially after the holidays; and 2) The lease on their performing space is not being renewed. Reason #2 is the real door-closer. The show will certainly crop up again here and there in the near future, at least as a touring show for specific bookings. Whether it ever again will have a permanent home is an open question at this point, though it seems doubtful given the downward trend of TnT business stretching back over the last decade.

The mini-run of TnT that concluded on New Year’s Eve was performed almost entirely by former cast members being called in to reprise their roles. I declined the opportunity, though CC appeared in the role of Mrs. Vitale (the mother of the bride) at last week’s penultimate performance.

Let’s get to the photos. The one at the top of this post is, I suppose, the public face of TnT – the sign anyone could see while driving along North Avenue. It will be interesting to see how long it takes building management to take it down.
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