March 6th, 2010


Off Just a Hare

Way back on January 28th of this year, I posted a brief essay on the current version of Microsoft PowerPoint -- I know; fascinating, wasn't it? Anyway, an anonymous comment to that posting showed up the other day (which I have kept hidden, so don't bother looking for it). Here is the text of that comment:

"Some may feel squeamish about eating it, but rabbit has a fan base that grows as cooks discover how easy they are to raise — and how good the meat tastes."

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I am convinced that there is no hidden meaning here - no irony, no sly social commentary, no nothing, just a profoundly misrouted comment. In my years of writing on LiveJournal, I feel confident in saying that I have never expressed even the slightest opinion or comment on the consumption or preparation of rabbit meat, and I shall not be doing so today either. I hope LJ gets this all sorted out, but it also serves as an alert to all of you -- if you've posted some marvelously witty comment to this journal and it has never shown up, it isn't that I'm dissing you; it may never have reached my eyes.
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