May 22nd, 2010

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Of Hash Tags and Lesser Books

What does “Hash Tag” mean anyway? Is it a grown-up version of a child’s game that people play when they’re totally stoned? No, no – it’s an internet term commonly used in the world of Twitter.

Yes, you heard me – Twitter. Yes, I occasionally tweet. Only recreationally, though… I mean, it’s not like I have to tweet. I can stop any time I want…

Anyway, a hash tag is a short piece of text beginning with a “#” sign (also known as a hash mark) and it is used within a text posting or comment as a search or sorting marker. But enough general theory! I want to talk about a specific hash tag I became aware of the other day – #lesserbooks (proper syntax for a hash tag eliminates all spaces).

The unifying theme of #lesserbooks is that people with a modicum of free time and inspiration on their hands may submit imaginary book titles based on the titles of well known books. The idea, though, is that the new title should be a tamer or more mundane variation on the original title. To give you a feel for how they go, here are a few examples written by others that I found amusing:

“A Passage to Indiana”
“The LeBron James Bible”

And so… I’ve had some fun devising a few of my own:

Mickey Spillane’s “I, the Bailiff”
“Uncle Tom’s Condo”
“How Stella Got Her Refund Back”
“The Diary of Barney Frank”
“Ventriloquism for Dummies”
“The Other BoPeep Girl”

As always, I would welcome any additions to the list!
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