September 5th, 2010

cats 3

Comfort is Subjective

I have occasionally been urged by others to make sure my kitties have cozy, soft places upon which to roost. Well, without even making a conscious effort to do so, I find that I have provided a wide array of such locations in my apartment. There are beds, couches, pillows, ottomans, and even a few piles of clothing all accessible for my kitties’ pleasure, even if none of these cozy niches were originally created or positioned with any nod toward indulging kitty’s whims.

But it is not up to we humans to decide what constitutes a state of comfort for our kitties. They do not want things simply because we have given them; they want what they want. I offer in evidence the following photo, taken just this morning, showing Cy’s latest choice of roosting place.

Now in a month or two, when the weather turns colder, I can assure you that this particular radiator will invariably be the hottest spot in the whole apartment, so he may not find it so very comfortable come the winter. But for now, if this is his pleasure, it is beyond my power, or anyone else’s, to say him nay.
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