December 18th, 2012


Abbreviations or Aberrations?

I’ve been sending text messages on my cell phone for some years now, but I know a few folks who are relative newcomers to the practice. If that describes you, then you’ve probably found yourself bewildered at times by the many abbreviations and symbols commonly used by veteran texters. As a public service, I’ve assembled a list of the more common ones. I require no thanks for this; I’m here to share.

First, a brief word on emoticons. You may have seen these; if you look at them sideways, they look like little faces. Most of us know the common ones such as :-) and :-( which denote happy and sad faces, but there is a host of other ones. Rather than try to list them all, I will single out a few of the odder ones that might puzzle a first-timer:

.-( – Somebody put my eye out
(-: – I’m in the Southern Hemisphere
2W<# – I’m a Picasso drawing

Now, on to the more standard text abbreviations:

AFK – Admires Freddy Krueger
BFF – Busty French Female
BRB – Bob Ross’ Brush (considered a rude euphemism)
BTW – Bought Twin Wolverines
F2F – Far Too Fruity (assumed to be a wine tasting reference)
FML – Frantically Making Lasagna
IDK – Idolizing Don Knotts
IMHO – Ignoring Mental Health Options
IRL – I’m Rusty at Latin
JK – Familiar form of address for author of Harry Potter books
LMFAO – Let Me Fry An Omelet
LOL – Lusting for Old Librarian
MILF – Medieval Italian Literary Form
NSFW – Nice Scenes of Film Work
OMG – Zero Milligrams (used primarily by dieters)
ROFL – Ran Out For Latkes
WTF – Waiting for Train at Fullerton
WTG – Waving at Teri Garr

If you have any additions to this list, please feel free to share them.
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