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What’s in a Street Name?

I was recently reminded (never mind how) of a certain Fun Fact about Ann Arbor, Michigan. It seems there’s a street near the center of town, just off Main Street, with the ungainly name of Hiscock. Even with all the time I’ve spent in Ann Arbor, I might never have come across the street on my own except for a friend of mine who used to live on Hiscock.

If you go to Google Maps and type in “Hiscock, Ann Arbor, MI” you can see Hiscock for yourself (don’t worry; it’s safe for viewing at work). My friend wearied of having people point out to him that Hiscock wasn’t very long and certainly wasn’t straight. In addition, you may note that Hiscock disappears completely at Sunset. I once asked him how they dealt with winter weather on his street – did they get the blowers out on Hiscock when the need arose?

I imagine one could come up with innumerable additional observations with a moderate amount of effort. But now you know – if you ever need to find Hiscock, it’s in Ann Arbor. You could even drive on Hiscock – lay some rubber on it if you like. OK, I’ll stop now.

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