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This Explains a Lot!

I received an interesting email today, most of which I will reprint here. All spelling and grammar from the original is reproduced faithfully:


My name is Dr. Johnson T Fola, am writing you in respect of a foreign customer of our Insurance Company, whose name is Late Mr. Morris Thompson, an American Citizen who perished in a plane crash including his wife and only daughter.

Since the demise of this our customer no one has come to claim his funds of £29,400,000.00 GBP (Twenty-nine million Four hundred thousand British pounds) which has been with our branch for a very longtime, i decided to seek for whom his name shall be use as the Next of Kin since no one has come up to be the next of kin. Do not entertain any fear as all modalities for the smooth and easy transfer of this fund has been finalized, this transaction will be completed within five banking days of receiving your response, kindly send me an e-mail signifying your decision including your private Tel/Fax numbers for quick communication.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Johnson T Fola”

Suddenly, I feel as if something has clicked into place in my soul. A question has been answered, one which I’ve never articulated though I’ve always felt its yearning deep inside me. In essence, it has always seemed to me that I must surely be the heir to a vast fortune. Up until now, any fortunes I’ve come across have not been vast at all, but merely half-vast.

But now it all comes together. For why else would I alone be the recipient of this remarkable communication? It is crystal clear that I must be the rightful heir to the fortune of Dr. Johnson T. Fola.

What? You thought I might be the rightful heir to the fortune of the late Mr. Morris Thompson? No, no, no – that part of the letter is assuredly a hoax. Dr. Fola, on the other hand, has probably amassed a considerable fortune through this scam, and it’s exciting to think that I might be in for a share of it! I will have to begin by thanking him for sharing this little money-making scheme with me when he certainly could have kept it all to himself.

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