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Happy Anniversary to Me

Posted on 2010.08.14 at 20:48
Current Mood: creative
Current Music: Five Years - David Bowie
Five years ago this week, I made my first entry in this journal. All that I have written (and read in other journals) since then has made it clear that this was a turning point in my creative life. Though I’d been a sporadic writer all my life, I’d yearned for a system or method that would enable me (or force me, or motivate me) to write on a regular, consistent basis. This turned out to be it. Thanks as always to Mery for introducing me to LJ!

Long-time readers may note that the frequency of my entries has dropped off significantly in the past year or so. Much of that may be attributed to the diversification of my creative outlets. By that, I mean that I now make frequent entries on both Twitter and Facebook. As you may know, Twitter posts (or tweets, as they are commonly called) are limited to 140 characters, and Facebook status updates are limited to 420 characters. No, that’s not enough space to permit an in-depth examination of anything – which, frankly, more posters ought to admit to themselves. But it does permit me a forum in which to dash off short quips and brief thoughts that I might formerly have posted in this journal. And honestly, these things also take up leisure time that I might otherwise have spent writing something for LJ. Still, LJ remains a vital outlet for my thoughts and compositions.

There is a (very) short list of essays I’ve written for LiveJournal that I don’t mind saying I’m very fond of. Some of them are very personal in nature and involve discussion of people or events that you might not appreciate unless you had some prior knowledge of the subject. A few of them, though, have been a bit more general in their subject matter. Here’s one from 2006 that I was pretty happy with (FYI, the first comment below it was posted by my nephew Adam):
Click here to read my foray into poetic criticism

And a sincere “Thank you” to you dear folks who have chosen to read my words. Let’s keep doing this for a long, long time!

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