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Osiris, Cy

All Ears

Posted on 2010.08.21 at 12:46
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Current Music: Getting Better - The Beatles
A few posts back, I wrote about my cat Cy and his ear troubles. Following surgery, he had a plastic disk stitched to his ear for almost a month. It was not a happy time for him. He became exceptionally skittish and non-social and was, all in all, a rather pitiable sight.

The disk was removed a couple weeks ago and Cy has quickly gotten back to his old twitchy, mischievous self. His formerly stitched ear is still flopped over, though. The vet tells us that it may or may not perk up again, but I don’t think it matters; after all, many cats acquire nicks & gnarls on their ears as they wander down the alley of life. What does matter is that Cy feels good and has gotten back to doing the important work of being a cat.

One other note – a great contrast between our two cats is their ability/willingness to be photographed. Puck will generally sit patiently and allow crystal-clear photographs to be shot. Cy, on the other hand, is rarely photographed in focus. The following was the best I could do on short notice, but it serves to illustrate the new look of his ear.


(Anonymous) at 2010-08-27 03:12 (UTC) (Link)

Tres' chic!

I think it's a fashion statement that all the neighborhood cats will want to copy! He looks bothered that you're taking his pic and not playing with him! lol -Middle Sis
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