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Buffed Cars for Car Buffs

I spent last weekend a few hours west of Chicago in the towns of Sublette and Amboy, Illinois. On both Saturday and Sunday, I helped CC run her craft booth at Amboy Depot Days. Now Depot Days, I’ll have you know, is the biggest civic event of the year in Amboy. The crowning event of the weekend is a classic car show that takes over downtown Amboy on the last day of Depot Days. If you’re into old cars at all it is a stunning assemblage of automotive eye candy. Hundreds and hundreds of cars are driven into town for this event, which I’m told is one of the largest of its kind in the country. My Detroit friends in particular should make it a point to come out to Amboy for Depot Days sometime to take it all in.

Main Street was closed to traffic for blocks and lined on either side with classic cars. Likewise various side streets and parking lots were packed full with these babies. Judges circulated through the area for hours taking notes and at the end of the day, prizes were awarded in various categories.

I’ve got a whole bunch of photos of classic cars to show you, but I’ve discreetly hidden them behind the link below, since there are over 30 of them and I know some computer screens will take a while to display them all. So you’ve been warned!

If you decide to click on the link, there are a few things I’d like to point out. First, for reference purposes, I’ve put a number in the lower right-hand corner of each photo. This way, if you want to add a comment about a particular photo, or if you’d like to request a higher-resolution copy, you can refer to the images by number. I also want to point out that I’ve made no attempt to present a balanced picture of the vehicles that were on display at Depot Days. That is, there are certain types of autos that either don’t interest me, or that I don’t find particularly photogenic. So I didn’t take any photos of the various little English sports cars that were cluttering up one stretch of Main Street. Likewise, the various 1970s Chevelles and their ilk were not sought out by my lens. But what you will see here is a lot of beautiful automotive designs, colors, shapes, and shiny objects. I’ve only made a few text notes among the photos that follow, but I do want to point out that image #1009, a 1964 Dodge, is almost identical to a 1964 Dodge I drove for several years, except mine was a 4-door, black with a white stripe along the side. Frankly, I don’t even know what most of these cars were, but I know some of you will recognize them, so I hope you enjoy this collection.

The next photo shows the dashboard of the car above.

The next photo shows the dashboard of the car above.

This next one is the '64 Dodge I mentioned earlier.


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