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Obscure Klimt

Posted on 2011.08.06 at 16:18
Current Mood: artistic
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This picture is for anyone who enjoys the work of Gustav Klimt, but it’s particularly for CC, who has a Klimt reproduction prominently displayed in the hallway outside her bedroom.

Here’s the story on this particular work of art: You may recall that I spent a few days in Los Angeles in June. One of the places we visited was the Getty Museum. Unlike many museums, they permit (non-flash) photography of any artworks owned by the Getty (items on loan from elsewhere may not be photographed).

In one dimly lit gallery, I spotted and photographed this sketch by Klimt. A few technical notes – this is a slightly cropped version of the complete image, and I’ve had to do considerable massaging of the image to bring out details and increase the contrast due to the difficult lighting in the gallery.

The sketch’s title is Portrait of a Young Woman Reclining. It is thought to have been produced in 1897 or 1898. It is also thought that it was most likely modeled by the woman who was Klimt’s lover at that time.

This is apparently a relatively little-known work of Klimt’s, which I thought was all the more reason to pass it along. And, of course, it’s an interesting and lovely sketch.

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