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A Timely Tale

Posted on 2012.02.24 at 15:26
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This is a true story of one of my prouder moments of ad-libbing during my five years with Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. Let me set the scene:

During the wedding ceremony, I, as Father Mark, would wear a priest’s vestments. For the reception afterwards, I would change into a black or gray sport coat which I would wear along with my black pants and black shirt (with Roman collar).

One night, I came back to the dressing room for my quick change after the wedding ceremony to find that the costumer had given me a new sport coat. It fit, so I donned it and strolled out into the reception hall. Only then did I realize that the coat was covered with quite a bit of white lint. I brushed off what I could, but I guess there was still quite a bit sticking to my coat. It didn’t take long for the actor playing Tony to come up to me as I was talking to audience members and remark on my appearance.

“Hey Father Mark,” he snapped, “looks like you need a lint brush.”

I smiled at him and said, “Well, I used to have one… but I gave it up for lint.”

Tony had no snappy comeback for that one. I think that means I won!

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