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Magic Changing Photographs

I borrowed these from my sister E and scanned them. By the way, they’re magic because I remember when they looked just like me, but with the passing years, they have changed so much that I am now barely recognizable in them.

This is an old photo of CC and me. We’re in the basement at my parents’ house. If you know CC, you know that this bears no resemblance to her whatsoever. I believe the left side of this photo has somehow become stretched out over the years, creating this distorted image.
This is me (with the beard) next to my father. A box of old clothes had come into our house, and a bunch of us had set about trying on some of the monstrosities found therein. The fact that we actually got dad to take part in the hijinks was a major exception to his usual reserved attitude. While we never wore any of these clothes again after that night, I must admit that the dark wraparound sunglasses I’m wearing were actually mine. What can I say… it was another time in my life.

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