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head shot

More TnT Fun

Posted on 2006.04.04 at 19:22
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I came across this web site today. It contains a short video from Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. You might think that there would be plenty of such videos out there, but no – there is no videotaping whatsoever permitted at the show. Management believes that there are many people out there who would use such videos to appropriate ideas from the show for their own productions, and I have seen them deal with videotapers with swift, severe measures, so don’t even think about it!

I recognized this video as soon as I saw it. It is a small part of a longer promotional video that was shot in July 2004, during Frankie Week – that’s the one week each year when Mr. Frankie Avalon is a part of our show. This excerpt has no footage of, or reference to, Frankie; it’s a more general-purpose promotional video. And yes, that’s me at the beginning as Father Mark. Anyway, I hope you can view this; I’m not sure what software you need, but apparently some computers can view it and some cannot. Also note – there are three different versions you can view, in ascending order of resolution (low, med, high). So if you want to go to the site, click here!


meryddian at 2006-04-05 03:10 (UTC) (Link)
Hey, did you know that T&T is being made into a movie?
charlesofcamden at 2006-04-05 04:16 (UTC) (Link)
All I know on that front is that there was a film version made about 3 years ago. It played at a few small festivals in New York and was reportedly received so negatively that it has never been commercially released in any form. If you've heard about a new production, I want to know about it! For that matter, if the version already filmed is available, I would be avid to see that as well. So dish, Mery! What's the word?
meryddian at 2006-04-05 05:19 (UTC) (Link)
Wish I knew more, but I just read somewhere about the "tony & tina movie" and made a mental note, "I must tell Chuck about that!"
(Anonymous) at 2006-04-05 19:48 (UTC) (Link)

TnT the movie

Hey Chuckie Baby!!

Here's the imdb skinny on the movie:

Joe said he saw it and it was awful and would never see the light of day. It played at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2004... and according to IMDB is scheduled for a limited release June 9, 2006. Interesting. I wonder if Joe was assured it would only play after dark...

I say if it does release around here, we should all make a night of it!!

Heather Winter
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